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Welcome To Hotel Ambikashree.

Hotel Ambikashree has brought in great sense of comfort and hospitality. Hotel Ambikashree is the place where your romance with the mountains begins... Exhilarating fresh air, a splendid view and greenery all around you. Promising to make your stay with us an affair to remember. Hotel Ambikashree is a tribute to the majesty and splendour of the Pachmarhi hills built in the heart of the city. packages and web page editors now use Lorem Ipsum as their default model text, and a search for 'lorem ipsum' will uncover many web sites still in their infancy.
Discover the amazingly beautiful hill station of Pachmarhi and its surrounding areas with Hotel Ambikashree – the wonderful luxury hotel which is located in the heart of the hill station, on the Subhash Marg road. People from all over the world come to explore the beauty of Pachmarhi. Pachmarhi has now become an international hub with its incredible waterfalls, caves, hills, wild life, deodar trees and pine forests.


Hotel booking in Pachmarhi is not a big deal, if you collect information on hotels in Pachmarhi, no doubt you will find a wide range of luxury hotels, deluxe hotels, budget hotels, etc. with all modern amenities. But to make your trip in Pachmarhi a life time memory, a perfect ambience is one which provides a perfect heavenly ambience. Ambikashree is one such ultra – deluxe hotel. All the rooms of this luxury hotel make you feel great. Excellent accommodation, complete with all modern amenities and endless entertainment, raises the Ambikashree experience to heavenly heights and gives the guests the experience of a life time.
Interesting Facts about Hotel Ambikashree: the warmth of hospitality, beautiful surroundings, royal interior and delicious food, special suites for honeymoon couples. Couples visiting Hotel Ambikashree fall in love with it and find opportunities to come here again. It has just become another tourist attraction of Pachmarhi.

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